420 Herbalist (Pty) Ltd, hereafter referred to as 420 Herbalist, is a fully online herbalist store supplying herbal products to our customers for online purchase.

Any person who orders any products from this website must be at least 21 years of age and agree to the following terms and conditions:


Subject to availability and receipt of payment, requests will be processed within 2 days, and delivery confirmed by way of email, and a courier tracking reference will be provided.


The products on this website are only available for delivery in South Africa.


The provision of products by 420 Herbalist is subject to stock availability. In cases where a product is out of stock, 420 Herbalist will refund the client in full within 7 days. Orders canceled by customers will attract a 10% administration fee.


Payment may be made via Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, or American Express Cards or by bank transfer into the WCL Equipment Holdings T/A 420 Herbalist bank account, the details of which will be provided on request.


Card transactions will be acquired for 420 Herbalist via YOCO, which is the approved payment gateway for all South African Acquiring Banks. No card details are stored on the 420 Herbalist website. Users may visit YOCO’s website at www.yoco.com to view their security certificate and security policy. Customer details will be stored by 420 Herbalist separately from card details, which are entered by the client on YOCO’s secure site.


420 Herbalist takes responsibility for all aspects relating to the transaction, including the sale of products sold on this website, customer service and support, dispute resolution, and delivery of goods.


420 Herbalist may, in its sole discretion, change this agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice.


The returns policy applies to customers who have purchased a product or products through the 420 Herbalist website or any 420 Herbalist retail outlets that carry our products or our own retail stores.

420 Herbalist contact details:
Email: info@420herbalist.co.za

The returns policy forms an integral part of the 420 Herbalist Terms and Conditions.
Subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 (hereafter referred to as “CPA”) and/or any other applicable law, all item(s) sold to the Customer shall be regarded as having been sold as is, without warranty against latent defects.

The Customer shall be entitled to return items purchased from 420 Herbalist, where the customer is legally entitled to do so under the provisions of the CPA.

If a refund has been authorized and processed, kindly allow up to 7 working days for the money to reflect in your bank account.

Where the goods have already been delivered to you, you will be liable for the direct cost of returning the goods to us (which cost shall include the courier cost and a handling fee of up to 10%).

Certain items, including herbal extracts, herbal supplements, and accessories (but not limited to), are excluded as they are described as “goods intended for everyday consumption” or ‘consumable items”.

In order to initiate a return, subject to any offsets of costs in terms of point 5 above, please follow the process below:

7.1 Within 7 days of receiving the item, provide 420 Herbalist with your written notice of cancellation via e-mail to info@420herbalist.co.za.

7.2 After confirmation from 420 Herbalist, you may initiate the return of the items to 420 Herbalist at your own cost. 420 Herbalist can arrange for the return of the items, in

which case the cost of the return freight, together with a possible handling fee, shall be deducted from the refund of the purchase price of the item(s). Note that item(s) must be returned to 420 Herbalist premises directly and must be securely packaged. The package must also include details of the customer and original order particulars.

7.3 Please ensure that the item(s) returned are new and unused, in their original packaging with all accessories, undamaged, and in a saleable condition.

7.4 420 Herbalist reserves the right to refuse to accept the return of item(s) if any of the conditions which are set out in 7.2 and 7.3 above are not followed.


8.1 In terms of the CPA, all item(s) sold to consumers shall carry a 6-month warranty against defects.

8.2 Accordingly, in the event that item(s) which are sold to customers (termed “Consumers” in the CPA) are found to be defective within 6 months from the date of delivery of the item(s) to the customer, the customer shall be entitled to return the item(s) to 420 Herbalist and to demand the repair of the item(s) or the replacement of the item(s) or a refund on the condition that:

8.2.1 The customer informs 420 Herbalist via email to info@420herbalist.co.za as soon as possible after the customer becomes aware of the defect but within 6 months after delivery/collection of the item(s).

8.2.2 The customer returns, at his/her own expense, the item(s) to 420 Herbalist within the 6-month warranty period, together with all accessories that were sold with the defective item.

8.2.3 420 Herbalist may inspect and/or test the item(s) to confirm the defect. Inspection may determine that: The item(s) are indeed defective, in which case 420 Herbalist shall refund the customer the delivery charges incurred for the return of the item(s) to 420 Herbalist and refund/repair/replace the item as per the customer’s preference. If the item(s) are found not to be defective, the customer will be notified of this finding and informed of the associated cost of return.

8.3 The following shall not be regarded as “defects” in the item(s):

8.3.1 Faults resulting from normal wear and tear, including cosmetic damage.
8.3.2 Damage arising from negligence, user abuse, or incorrect usage of the item(s).
8.3.3 Damage arising from electrical surges.
8.3.4 Damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the item(s).
8.3.5 Damage arising from unauthorized alterations to the item(s).
8.3.6 Where the specifications of the item(s), although accurately described on the website and generally fit for its intended purpose, do not suit you.
8.3.7 Damage to mechanical connections after 90 days from the date of purchase.
8.3.8 Damage to electrical connections (USB ports, etc.) after 14 days from the date of purchase as these items are susceptible to damage from static electricity discharge and charging adapters that do not comply with applicable standards and are beyond 420 Herbalist’s control.
8.3.9 Damage of any kind resulting from falls.
8.4.1 Damage resulting from e-liquid or liquids of any kind.
8.4.2 Damage resulting from incorrect operation, including but not limited to incorrect coil installation, using counterfeit batteries, and using clone products in conjunction with your product.
8.4.3 Opening the device instantly voids the warranty.
8.4.4 Damage resulting from improper battery orientation.
8.4.5 Any and all damages resulting from the use of an aftermarket rebuildable tank of any kind on a device that has been sold in kit form with a sub-ohm tank.


9.1 The onus rests on the customer to ensure that the item(s) ordered are appropriate for their intended use and/or purpose.

9.2 In the event that incorrect item(s) are delivered to the customer, the customer should notify 420 Herbalist via e-mail to info@420herbalist.co.za of the error. The customer must not remove the item(s) from their packaging or use the item(s) in any way.

9.3 420 Herbalist shall arrange for the collection of the incorrectly supplied item(s) from the customer and shall deliver the correct item(s) (as initially ordered by the customer) to the customer as soon as possible.

9.4 420 Herbalist shall not be held liable for any damages of any nature whatsoever due to late or delayed deliveries of the item(s) ordered by the customer.


Should item(s) be damaged or missing any parts or accessories at the time of delivery/collection, the customer must please notify 420 Herbalist within 2 days of such delivery/collection. 420 Herbalist will arrange to collect the item(s) from the customer at no charge, where the item(s) were originally ordered for delivery. Once 420 Herbalist has inspected the item(s) and is able to validate the damage, 420 Herbalist will replace the item(s) as soon as possible or refund the customer account with the full purchase price of the item(s), including shipping, where applicable.


11.1 The consumption of goods purchased from 420 Herbalist is done so at the customer’s own risk.

11.2 It is important to note that the goods sold by 420 Herbalist are not intended to be used as medical treatments or substitutes for professional medical advice.

11.3 420 Herbalist strongly advises customers to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or doctor before using any products purchased from our website.

11.4 Any information provided on the website or by 420 Herbalist’s representatives regarding the potential benefits or effects of the products should not be considered as medical advice and should not replace the advice of a healthcare professional or doctor.

11.5 420 Herbalist does not make any claims or guarantees regarding the efficacy, safety, or suitability of the products for individual customers. Each customer’s experience with the products may vary, and it is important to consider personal health conditions, allergies, or sensitivities before consuming or using any products.

11.6 It is the responsibility of the customer to use the products in accordance with the instructions provided and to exercise caution and discretion when consuming or using the products.

11.7 420 Herbalist shall not be held liable for any adverse effects, health complications, or damages resulting from the consumption or use of the products purchased from our website.

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